Friday, June 20, 2014

Help Wanted: Yours!

North Richmond Community Empowerment Center, Inc. has a mission and passion to empower its neighbors through education.  We are committed to using all of our resources to strengthen the community by providing supplemental support to our schools, helping our seniors to remain engaged, and building a sense of pride in our neighborhood.  What an important task we have taken on!  Can you help us?

The strength of any community is the people.  When a group of people are committed to making something happen, and they work together, stopping them is like trying to stop a freight train...almost impossible.  We don't dwell in the realm of "impossible".

After careful strategic planning, we are committed to growing in the following ways this fiscal year:

1.  The Digital Learning Initiative:  We are committed to growing our Saturday School programs by introducing more young people to computer literacy and increasing the participation of our Seniors (ages 50+) so that they can stay connected through social media and other electronic methods.

2.  Strategies to Success:  We are committed to sharing with our youth, ages 13-17, the keys to academic success and personal development.  Our 8-session program will motivate the participants and help parents with new or familiar strategies to raising confident young adults.

3.  Community Reads:  We are committed to building a community of avid readers.  This program uses the nationally known "Raising a Reader" as a model.  We believe that parents and mentors who read raise children who are also in love with books.  Our adults read monthly and engage in vibrant conversations with local authors or topic experts while their children participate in interactive reading experiences.

4. "2919 Project":  We are committed to building a home.  We are working HARD to make 2919 Griffin Avenue our new Community Empowerment Center.  

We ask for your help!  We know that we can't do this without help from our community.  We need all hands, hearts, and minds to meet our commitments.  We know that with your help, it is all POSSIBLE.  

Our website is up and undergoing a "facelift".  Still visit to see what we have going on and spread the word. 

Stay engaged!

Facebook:  North Richmond Community Empowerment Center

Twitter:  @nrcec


Our Digital Learning Initiative at work!
Thanks to a grant from SunTrust Bank and the Memorial Foundation

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